$10,000 Dr. Irving K Fradkin Renewable Scholarship Award: Burlington-Edison Alumni Foundation Dollars for Scholars, Washington

In existence since 1992, the Burlington-Edison Alumni Foundation's primary focus has been to create and fund local scholarships for graduates of Washington's Burlington-Edison High School who are pursuing academic, technical or trade school degrees. The organization applied specifically for the renewable scholarship award because of the unique demographics and support needs of our student base: "We want to expand our current renewable program to better support those who need this assistance the most."  B-E Alumni Foundation Dollars for Scholars serves a student population who are the first in their family to attend college; emancipated minors who are the sole financial provider for their education; and a large immigrant student population. These first-generation, immigrant and self-supporting students often find themselves earning scholarships and financial aid to get into college-but not enough to continue all the way to their degree. With the Fradkin Legacy Award Renewable Grant, B-E Alumni Foundation Dollars for Scholars will help their graduates not only enter college but complete college with a degree.


Thank you to the family of Brian Gurney, especially his uncle David Bricka and all involved in the planning and production of the Gurney Tourney Basketball Tournament which raises funds in support of the Brian Gurney Scholarship Fund. With Covid they have had to be creative and this year the Basketball Tournament became "Drive By for Bri" and was a tremendous success! Brian's brother, Blake used his social media talents to encourage friends and family to come by to still support the Gurney Fund even though they wouldn't be playing basketball and the response was tremendous! This year they have donated $7200 to support students who will be receiving this scholarship! Brian's Mom, Barbara is now a Board member of the B-EAF Foundation.  Barbara and Brian's uncle David Bricka made the presentation of these funds at the October board meeting.